Who we are

The Islamic Center of Little Rock

was established in 1992

To fulfil the Muslim Community’s religious, educational, social and cultural needs.

The Islamic Center of Little Rock consists of

We are located at 3224 Anna Street, Little Rock, AR 72204. Juma prayers are offered in the Community Center.
The ICLR consists of General Body This constitutes the Muslim residents of Little Rock and neighboring vicinity areas who are registered members of the Islamic Center, have paid annual membership dues in full and are eligible to vote in Islamic Center elections.

The purpose of our masjid

Mission Statement

The purpose of our masjid is more than just a common place of worship. It’s a place where friends become family. Our mission is to make the masjid a second home to our community members through educational and cultural activities, which are consistent with the teachings and principles of Islam. We also aim to establish a learning environment for non Muslims through effective interfaith partnerships, charitable and humanitarian help to the community in times of need, and various intercultural events throughout the year.