Muslims of Little Rock Are Looking For A Place To Cherish

Our masjid in Little Rock has been an Islamic gathering place for our community for years, and now we need YOUR help to establish a bigger, more accommodating facility in West Little Rock for our community!

Your Generosity Is a Muslim’s Prosperity

“Indeed the charitable men and charitable women, and those who lend Allah a good loan—
it shall be multiplied for them, and there is a noble reward for them.”

-The Holy Qur’an, 57:18

Your Charity Will Prosper a Community

Donate to help expand our Masjid for the Islamic community of West Little Rock

Let’s Inspire Future Generations

A masjid is more than just a place to pray. It’s a place for a community to prosper and become a family. At ICLR, we strive to be more than just a place to gather, we want our community to have a home that supports and inspires all generations with the values passed down from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

That’s what we believe.

As our community has outgrown our current facility, we have decided to build a new home to accommodate the growing Muslim population and pass our values onto the future generations by attracting more children into our masjid. So that we can make a more inviting and accommodating place for our community in West Little Rock.

Help us continue to grow and expand our masjid with your generosity today!

Your Donations Will Help Build...




Basketball Court

Soccer Field

Multiple Play Areas

Volleyball Court

Swimming Pool

Lead Your Child Into a Spiritual Journey

ICLR is home to Arkansas’s only CISNA (Council of Islamic Schools of North America) accredited Islamic school, Huda Academy.

For our masjid to serve more people, we aren’t aiming to simply expand our land; we aim to make the best use of it possible.

With Phase 1 of the construction of our new facility, we’re planning on building a school to provide a new home for our students (as well as a new playground and basketball court) that will further nurture their spirit and provide them with an Islamic foundation for success. In addition, a gymnasium and a masjid (prayer hall) will be built as part of the first phase.

Join Our Journey

In Phase 2 we aim to provide our community with a new masjid, that will have a brand new prayer hall, with increased capacity for congregations as well as increased parking space and improved washroom and wudu facilities.

With Phase 3 we’re planning to build an all-new community center that will house a library,  banquet hall, swimming pool, volleyball court, and a gym. Creating all-new spaces for our community to gather and enjoy themselves amongst their brothers and sisters, in an Islamically inspired environment.

We need your support to turn our plans into reality, and fulfill this journey to a new home for our community. May Allah accept your donations as Sadaqah Jariayah, Shifaa, and protection on behalf of you, your family, your parents, and your loved ones. 

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