GYM Rules


Dress in proper attire including proper dress for each gender and proper shoes for indoor gym floor.
Practice good bodily hygiene (you will need a towel and good deodorant – NO Perfumes Allowed).
Always listen to instructions and respect the referee / coach.
Please, NO yelling, screaming, grunting, shouting or fighting allowed at any time. Be respectful of others.
Do NOT use profanity or foul language. This behavior will not be tolerated.
Do NOT make inappropriate marks toward members of opposite gender. Beware of sexual harassment.
NO cell phone use for filming is allowed inside the gym. Be sensitive to others who do not want to be filmed.
Visitors are welcome to be present in the gymnasium during games in the visitors designated areas.
NO children under age 7 are allowed inside the gymnasium.
NO drinking or eating is allowed while playing inside the court.
Do NOT drop or throw any item on the floor.
If you have a question as to how to use / operate particular equipment, find a staff member to ask. Be willing to encourage and help others, especially beginners, with all the rules stated.
Violation of any of the above mentioned rules will result in immediate dismissal from the ICLR and Huda Academy Gymnasium facility.