Why Sign Up?

We must all do our small part to make sure the community operates properly. Gas, Electricity, Staff all costs money and without your support it would be tough to keep the lights on. Weekly events such as Family Night or Sports Night also cost money to operate the buildings. Please help us and pledge your support today.

Membership Benefits


There are many benefits being a member and they are always expanding. Many local businesses give discounts when you show them your ICLR membership card. We are always working to add more discounts so always come back to this page to check who else is giving discounts.

Benefits :

Name Discount
Zam Zam Resturant 10% off Purchase
Layla’s Resturant 10% off Purchase
Arabella Resturant 10% off Purchase
Al Seraj Resturant 5% off Purchase
Shark’s Resturant 5% off Purchase
Alibaba Resturant 10% off Purchase
Arabella Resturant 10% off Purchase
Fauzios Clothing 10% off Purchase
Superstore LLC 10% off Purchase
Carpet Mills 5% will be donated to ICLR on your behalf
Homestyle Furniture 10% discount
Beauty Mania on Olive Street 15% discount


— ICLR members are able to borrow a variety of things from ICLR including tables, chairs, tents and many other things free of charge.

— A $100 discount to rent the gym anytime it is available for any events as long as necessary guidelines and rules are followed.

— The right to vote on key issues and ICLR elections such as Executive Committee, Board of Trustees, or Huda Academy School Board.

— The right to run for office in any of the committees as shown above and right to nominate anyone of your choice for any position.

— Non ICLR members are not allowed to events such as Sports Night without an ICLR member sponsoring them. If they do not have an ICLR member to sponsor them, then they are not allowed to play sports.

For questions regarding membership or if your business would like to participate in this program, then please contact us at membership@theiclr.org


*Please show your ICLR member card to receive the discount. If you’d like to become a preferred ICLR Vendor please contact ec@theiclr.org