Huda Academy was established in 2000 as a guide for kids to build their Islamic identity. If kids are not learning about Islamic priniciples from a very early age, it is very likely they will not follow Islamic principles as they get older. At Huda Academy, Islam is a key part of the curriculum. From recitation and learning Quran, to reading Arabic words and understanding their pronunciation, Huda Academy makes sure to instill an Islamic perspective on kids from an early age.
One of the other benefits of having your kids enrolled at Huda Academy is that they will make friends with kids that have very similiar values. A child’s friends are one of the most important things that will impact their behavior and decision making. Surrounding them with friends that have similiar Islamic values will help build their character and identity in a way that will be beneficial to the Islamic community.
The Huda Academy currently offers grades from Pre-K to 5th grade and is working on adding additional grades. Huda Academy is also working on building a larger, more advanced West Little Rock campus. This campus will have more resources such as a soccer field and basketball court. It will be a place where kids will love to hang out.
There are many afterschool activities for the kids such as archery and extra Quran classes, to basketball and soccer. When you keep the kids attached to the school it will help build their confidence in their Islamic identity and help them not be ashamed of being Muslim when they graduate and go to high school.
To apply for admission, please go to and download the registration forms under the Admissions tab.