Albayan Institute was established in 2017 and focuses on building your Arabic and Vocabulary.
The messenger of Allah(PBUH) said,”If Allah intends goodness for someone, he gives him understanding of the religion.”(Albukhari and Muslim)
The Bayan institutes provides 3 courses in Arabic and English. These 3 courses are Arabic 1, ULOOM Al-Hadith and Tajweed 1. These classes are 10 week courses and are taught on Sundays at Huda Academy. The associated cost of this class is $100 + the cost of the book. Course description can be found below.
Arabic 1:Thr main focus of this course is Classical(Quranic) Arabic,which is used in written contexts throughout classical books. It is for the beginners who know the letters and basic vocabularies.This course will develop the ability in understanding sentence instruction and grammer. The outlines of this course are the three types of word and four properties of the Ism. Student Should know the Arabic letters and know some vocabulary as a pre-requisite.
Introduction to the Sciences of the Hadith (ULOOM Al-Hadith): This course introduces Hadith Terminology by developing an awareness of the statues of the Isnad (chain of narraration) in Islam, accepted and rejected hadith as it applies to usage in Islamic Law. Instruction also includes practical implementation and research of hadith classification and verification.

Elocution of Quran 1 (Tajweed 1): This course takes Tajweed of the next level. Principles of each construction (ex., Nun Al Sakina) are mastered throughout insruction. Students will be placed in “one on one” recitation situations. Once the application of “Tajweed” is mastered, students will advance to more sophisticated verses and chapters. The knowledge offered will allow its recipients to recite correctly throughout their journeys.

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