Sister's halaqas hosted by Ustatha Rasha Albadry

  • Congratulations to our sisters Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar for being the first Muslim women in Congress and we wish them all success.
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    Help ICLR reach our goal of expanding into West Little Rock! Our kids are the future generation and if we don't stay involved and keep them attached to masjid, they will lose the values we cherish as Muslims. With an indoor pool, gym, soccer field, basketball, playground and multiple play areas, our kids can't help but to be there during nights and weekends praying the daily prayers and listening to our Islamic lessons.

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Salah Iqamah
Fajr 6:00am
Dhuhr 12:30 pm
‘Asr 3:30 pm
Maghrib 10 minutes after adhan
‘Isha 7:00 pm
Jumu’ah 1:15 pm

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The purpose of our masjid is more than just a common place to worship.
It’s a place where friends become family. Our mission is to make the masjiid a second home to our community members through our educational and cultural activities, which are consistent with teaching and principles of Islam. We also aim to establish a learning environment for non Muslims through effective interfaith partnerships, charitable and humanitarian help to community in times of need, and various intercultural events throughout the year.




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